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Mirror Acrylic Stickers

Make your epoxy resin clock's looking luxurious with this mirror-like elements for clock-face.

Mirror acrylic 
clock decor
  • Have self-adhesive layers - sticks to any material.

  • Does not require a special adhesive that does not corrode the amalgam or the application of an additional layer of epoxy.

  • Products have the protective film to preserve the mirror surface during work

Epoxy Resin Clock

What do you need:

1. ArtBoard for clock

2. Craft Art Resin

3. Colorants for Resin

4. Clock Movement

5. Mirror Clock Decor elements

Download Free clock template
Attention! What not to do with Mirror Acrylic Stickers
Do not heat with a torch 
Our elements are made of acrylic plexiglass, when exposed to an open torch fire, the surface of the plexiglass will melt and bubble up
Our elements cannot be re-glued
Decide in advance exactly where you want to glue the element. Please use Universal Clock Stencil . On the back surface will apply a strong 3M scotch tape and when trying to remove the element you'll damage the film amalgam layer. 
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