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Since 2016, we have been offering unique DIY materials for creating artworks in new modern Resin Art (epoxy resin) and Ink Art (alcohol ink) techniques under the CRAFTSMEN brand.

In our range you will find various specialized epoxy resins recommended for home use. Silicone molds of our own design and production with great quality and good price

We also offer the widest and deepest range of additional materials: pigments, dyes, special additives, drawing tablets, stickers, tools, etc.

We have our own development department, which creates unique materials that have no analogues in the world.

Our goal is to develop and implement the most ultra fashionable and modern materials for creativity.

Our advantage is that we ourselves develop, produce and sell modern DIY materials under our own brand.

Our team is always happy to give professional advice on working with our DIY materials and provide friendly support in case of difficulties encountered in the implementation of your projects.

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